Robert James Lee HawkeFormer Prime Minister of Australia
Dominique de VillepinFormer Prime Minister of France
John Winston HowardFormer Prime Minister of Australia
Lord Howell of GuildfordFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs
Susanne KurzFormer President of the Federal Council of Austria
Aaron Michael OquayeFormer Speaker of Parliament of Ghana
Eamon GilmoreFormer Vice Prime Minister of Ireland
Korn DabbaransiFormer Deputy Prime Minister Thailand
Zheng XiongweiInternational Economist
Christian Emile QuesnotChief staff of Two Former Presidents of France
Nick BolkusFormer Minister of Australia
Nenad StazicFormer Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament
Allen I-Chun WuChairman of Asian American Republican National Federation
Annette NijsFomer State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science of Netherlands
H. Ross Perot, Jr.Chairman of the Board of Perot Group
Jack GaoFormer Senior Vice President for News Corporation
Atta-ur-RahmanForeign Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kenneth GrattanFellow of Royal Academy of Engineering
Ewe Hong TatFellow of Academy of Sciences Malaysia
Mohini Mohan SainAcademician of Canadian Academy of Engineering
Stanislav GorbMember of German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
Janusz LipkowskiMember of Polish Academy of Sciences
Peter IllesMember of Academy of Europe
YoungPak LeeMember of Korea Academy of Science and Technology
Byungdong KimMember of Korea Academy of Science and Technology
Sung-Ho Suck SalkMember of Korea Academy of Science and Technology
Sigrid D. PeyerimhoffMember of Academy of Europe
Robert ZORECMember of Academy of Europe
Chao Han LiuMember of the National Academy of Engineering
Lou-Chuang LeeMember of the National Academy of Engineering
Yuei-An LiouMember of the International Academy of Astronautics
Sergey AblameykoFellow of Belarusian Academy of Engineering
Yunlong ShengFellow OSA - Optical Society of America
Chung Hsuan ChenResearch Fellow of the Academia Sinica
Valentin SergienkoPresident and member of Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Science
Leo KlasincMember of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Kenneth Kunyu WuMember of Academy of Europe
Vladimir AgabekovAcademician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Vladimir BitiMember of Academy of Europe
Gabor HAMZAFull Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Fabio MarchesoniFellow of the Institute of Physics (UK)