ASIA-PACIFIC FORTUNE initiates major industry investments and innovation projects, develops important industrial cooperation program and provides industrial strategy guidance.

As the chief international industrial strategy consultant, ASIA-PACIFIC FORTUNE owns authoritative international industry leaders, global industry experts and international industrial cooperation resources.

For industrial promotion, industrial guidance, industrial innovation, industrial cooperation and industrial investment, ASIA-PACIFIC FORTUNE has unique advantages.

Service object

All government departments, major enterprises, financial institutions, investment institutions, industrial parks, industrial organizations, the ultrarich families, etc.

Service Content

1. Chief International Industry Strategy Consultant

2. Importing Global Industry Resources in Depth, International Industrial Strategy Positioning and Guidance

Service Advantage

International Industry Experts - Understand the development status, determine the direction of development, provide strategic guidance and import global industrial resource with a global perspective and experience.

International Industry Leaders - Provide cooperation plans and resources for major industrial investment and industrial innovation projects with global business resources, science and technology resources, capital resources, market resources and management resources.

Service Type

1. Industry expert lectures, Industrial Development strategic positioning report

    Complete the following tasks to achieve the aims:

    a. Provide authoritative insights on the global economy and international industrial situation;

    b. Propose strategic guidance for industrial development;

    c. Complete international strategic positioning industry report;

    d. Determine needs-oriented resource for industrial development strategy.

2. Industry experts research conference, industry leaders closed-door discussion

    a. Develop a close communication mechanism with global industry experts and international industry leaders;

    b. Build and keep a long-term cooperation channels.

3. Investigation for major industrial cooperation partners

Carry out cross-border Investigation, domestic Investigation and Investigations of important cooperation projects, mainstream funds, cutting-edge technology and other industrial resources to achieve cooperation.

Service Process

1. Communicate with clients to determine the cooperation point and service focus;

2. Through research to form the basic plan and preliminary proposal;

3. Implement industrial resources import, industrial strategic positioning;

4. Provide long-term follow-up services within agreement period. 

Industry Range

Emerging Industry

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