Asia-Pacific Fortune Group has Successfully Organized Four International Cultural Industry Summit


International Cultural Industry Summit (ICIS) is an international Culture Industry Summit. Jointly organized by APCEO and relevant governments of China. Asia-Pacific Fortune Group has actively introduced the summit to the world and has fully organized successive summit. 

With the commitment to integrating global resources, promoting international cooperation and helping different countries to create new economic growth areas of the culture industry, ICIS does a wide range of things from closely watching the developing trend of global cultural industries to researching industry regularities, publicizing industry news and latest achievements, building global brands, studying industry patterns of development, structure, configuration, profit and competition.


a. To promote information and technology exchange of global cultural industries;

b. To strengthen international cooperation of global cultural industries;

c. To creat investment opportunities;

d. To research development strategies and industry regularities of major countries and regions;

e. To look for effective IPR solutions and brand development strategy;

f. To push forward the establishment of leading enterprises, industry zones and central cities.


a. International political figures;

b. Presidents and CEOs from the world’s top 500, Forbes top 2000 and other renowned listed enterprises;

c. Industry leaders of global cultural industries;

d. Ministers, parliament members, governors, mayors and other officials of relevant government departments;

e. Authorities and world-renowned scholars of global cultural industries;

f. Directors of other relevant organizations and associations.