Asia-Pacific Fortune Group has Successfully Organized Three World Emerging Industries Summit


World Emerging Industries Summit (WEIS) is a highest-level international Emerging Industries Summit. Jointly organized by APCEO and relevant governments of the main outsourcing countries. The meeting brings together the most influential entrepreneurs, latest technology, high-quality projects and International Capital in the field of domestic and foreign industries.

Asia-Pacific Fortune Group has actively introduced the summit to China and has fully organized successive summit. 

With the active participation and strongly support of the Fortune 500 companies, relevant governments of the main outsourcing countries, Renowned economists, experts and scholars. the conference was successfully held for three tomes and made outstanding contributions to the development of emerging industry in the world. 


a. To promote information and technology exchange of emerging industries;

b. To strengthen international economic cooperation within emerging industries;

c. To provide global investment opportunities for enterprises;

d. To reflect on successful development model in different countries and regions;

e. To explore effective ways of intellectual property rights protection and brand development.


a. Political Figures Worldwide;

b. Leaders from Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, Global Outsourcing 100 companies and other outstanding listed companies from all over the world;

c. Leaders from industry-leading companies within world emerging industries;

d. Congressmen, ministers, governors, mayors and etc. of relevant countries

e. Renowned economists, experts and scholars;

f. Chiefs from famous international organizations and industry associations.